I am like the audacious seamstress Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel.  Chanel started her fashion design house with money given to her by a wealthy lover.  Obviously if Chanel did not make the man hot for her he wouldn't have given her the seed money for her business.  Her creative vision is so fierce that it exists today.  Creative people need others to believe in them.
                My art owes its existence to the financial support of my husband.  He pays for the expensive professional grade oil pastels I use.  Their bright colors can be achieved by no other product but Sennelier.  In addition to providing a roof over my head and the food that I eat, my husband gives me free time to make art.  It is not expected that I cook or clean.  He will do those things for me.  This is because due to my psychiatric disability I have limited hours of mental focus.  So what energy and willpower I possess my husband lets me spend it all in making art.  Everything in my existence points to one purpose, and this is to make art.  That is the generous marriage contract my husband and I arrived at.
                Like Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, I would not have such an ardent supporter if I did not provide sexual favors to fuel his fire.  My husband would not have wanted to marry and support a celibate woman.  I am aware that most of my schizophrenic friends do not have the ability to sustain or nurture a long term sexually intimate relationship.  I am just lucky that I'm a little hardier than most with my diagnosis.
                If you think that I am plainspoken, then you will find that my art is equally blunt.  It is honest work.  In using the word “honest” to describe what I make I am stating that I do not use art tricks of trade or pretentious technique to deceive the viewer into believing that what they view has legitimacy and power.  I don't act, pretend or ape anyone else in the art world.  If there is any question as to what category of art you wish to label my creation then “Visionary Art” is a comfortable fit.  And also be aware of the presence of the Shadow in my art.  Every person has a hidden Shadow aspect to their personality.  I just happen to bring my Shadow out into the light of day.  Normally people suppress and deny their Shadow because it is frightening and disturbing.  And it is true that sometimes what I draw frightens me and makes me worry that I am insane.
                Some art is soothing.  That art doesn’t interest me.  Some art is challenging.  That is the direction my art takes the viewer.   The brilliant rainbow coloring attracts.  That is a sweet candy coating.  But the taste, the taste can be a little bitter.
                All images of power contain a seed of darkness.